PF legal prides itself on being an outward looking firm. As a core part of our business, we provide tailored advice for overseas clients seeking to establish and conduct business in Ireland. Whether you are an entrepreneur launching a technology start-up, a financial services company looking to use Ireland as a base for your EU operations or a multinational corporation expanding your operations, we are well positioned to assist.

As well as offering advices regarding the establishment and set up of your business in Ireland, we have a network of partners with whom we work in the state. In our experience, the ability to access this network can significantly assist in smoothing the process of a new entrant to the jurisdiction. 

Business Establishment

We provide guidance on establishing a new company in Ireland, as well as assisting clients in navigating the Irish legal landscape and ensuring compliance with local legislation.

Corporate Governance/Company Secretarial

We provide valuable advice on Irish board practices and procedures, ensuring compliance with corporate governance standards and enhancing overall transparency.

Authorised Representative

An authorised representative is a party that represents, for example, a product manufacturer or data controller / processor and acts as a liaison with relevant authorities within the European Union. We are happy to offer this service to clients of the practice.

Ireland as a base

Based on our sectoral experience, we are well positioned to advise companies who are looking to import or export (products or services) into or out of the European Union, as well as those looking to passport financial services throughout the European Union